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LED display fire protection technology analysis
Nov 18, 2018



With the rapid development of modern technology, China's LED display industry continues to grow at a high speed, the scale of the industry continues to expand, and technology continues to evolve. The market share has continued to grow at an average annual growth rate of 40% since 1993. However, 2012 The sudden fire incident at the Yijun Hotel in Hong Kong on April 2 gave the whole LED industry an alarm: while the industry is developing at a high speed, the LED display screen safety application technology field is still short-lived, and the standardization of LED products Standardization was once again on the agenda. In particular, the LED display screen fire safety application technology is more focused, so today we will take a look at what factors will affect the security and fire protection of the display screen.

The quality of the display screen fire prevention technology is mainly related to the fire curtain raw materials and box process.
The fireproof raw materials mainly include four parts: the wire used in the display screen, the power supply, the external protective structure fireproof material and the plastic kit:
First point: In most display applications, the larger the unit area display of the display screen, the higher the power consumption, and the higher the power supply stability of the wire. Among the many wire products, the wire can meet the requirements of the national standard to ensure its safety and stability. There are three requirements: the wire core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the wire core cross-sectional area tolerance is within the standard range value, and the rubber core of the wrapped wire core is insulated. And the flame retardancy reaches the standard. Compared with the general copper clad aluminum wire core, the wire core cross-sectional area is small, and the insulation rubber grade is not enough, the electric current performance is more stable, and the short circuit condition is not easy to occur;
Second point: UL-certified power supply products are also the best choice when selecting similar products. The effective conversion rate can ensure the safety and stability of the power supply load, and it can work normally even under the hot external environment.
The third point: in the material of the external protective structure of the display screen, the display screen products with higher fireproof rating on the market mostly adopt fireproof aluminum-plastic board, which has excellent fire resistance, fire retardant and strong flame retardant. Aging performance is also very strong, melting point temperature 135 ° C, decomposition temperature ≥ 300 ° C, environmental performance, low smoke and halogen-free, in line with SGS, flame retardant B-S1, d0, t0, reference standard UL94, GB/8624-2006. The aluminum-plastic panel of the general outdoor display screen product is aging faster with high temperature and rain and cold heat shock, so that in the relatively humid climate season, the rain dew easily penetrates into the screen body and causes short circuit of the electronic component to cause fire;
The fourth point: an important part of the display fireproof raw materials, that is, the plastic kit, the plastic kit is mainly used for the unit module mask bottom shell, the main raw material is the PC+ glass fiber material with flame retardant function, which not only has resistance The burning function can not be deformed at high and low temperatures and long-term use, and will not become brittle and cracked. At the same time, it can be combined with the glue with good sealing performance, which can effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior and causing short-circuit fire. .
In addition to the internal raw materials will affect the fire prevention effect, the external configuration and design is also very important, but the external configuration mainly involves the heat dissipation in the fire prevention problem. In the display screen work, the exhaust fan and the air conditioner will be configured to cool and cool the inside of the screen body. It is recommended that every 8-10 square meters of 1P air conditioner ensure that the temperature inside the screen is kept at a normal temperature. If the air conditioner or exhaust fan is not in place, the heat treatment will be uneven, which may cause safety hazards in the screen due to temperature increase. At the same time, many LED companies simply test the spray waterproof test in the external environment when testing the protection level of the cabinet. The durability and strength of the waterproof effect are yet to be verified, so that after the display screen product has been used for a while, Water seepage occurs, which is an important reason why outdoor display screens are prone to fire or have a short service life. In response to thunderstorms, the screen device arrester is also an indispensable tool to avoid lightning strikes and burn out the internal components of the screen. It can directly direct lightning into the ground without affecting the screen.
All of the above are internal reasons for the display screen. Of course, we can't ignore the human factors caused by the post-maintenance process. For example, in the follow-up maintenance work, the operators did not follow the strict process flow (the module screws are not tightened, the wire rod If the polarity is reversed, and conductive objects are left behind after the operation, it is easy to cause a fire.

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