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Led display energy-saving effect
Jun 27, 2018

LED full color display screen energy saving? Full color LED display light effect can be said as we usually know, but will not pay much attention to the place, so a good LED full color screen, the power consumption of the light source of the product is also very concerned, because this situation is sure to affect the product itself energy consumption and cost. Above questions, how can we improve the efficiency of LED full color screen and reduce the cost?

The use of the full color LED display and the energy saving of the product

1, multi chip packaging causes good degradation and is difficult to achieve optical consistency.

2. Consistency of light and color. How to achieve consistency of light is very difficult, and it will also increase costs.

3, the higher the reliability of the high-power full color indoor LED display package, the more expensive the raw materials are, so that the cost is not easy to fall.

4, LED should conform to the quality demanded by consumers.

5. Warm white light and high chromaticity. When the softness is high, the efficiency of the light will be reduced.

6, high power LED packaging technology is very complex, artificial gravity is high, it is not easy to use production to reduce costs.

LED full color screen, LED as a green, energy-saving light source favored by people, will also be a mainstream media, leading the future of display technology.

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