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How to properly use and manage LED display
Nov 18, 2018

As China's domestic LED display development industry continues to increase, LED large-screen displays in the streets and lanes of major cities across the country are slowly increasing, and people's consumption levels are also growing. LED lighting has gradually been applied to the daily life of the family, LED The electronic display not only enhances the image of the city, but also enhances the cultural life of people. In this respect, the development speed of the LED display industry is so fast. While we enjoy the economic benefits of LED electronic screens, some The manufacturer with the LED electronic display does not fully understand the operation and use precautions of the LED electronic screen, resulting in shortening the life of the LED electronic display.

First, switch LED electronic display notes:
1, the switch sequence:
When opening the screen: first turn on the screen, then open the screen.
When closing the screen: first turn off the screen, then turn off the screen
(The computer does not turn off the display first, it will cause the screen to appear bright spots, led to burn the lamp, the consequences are serious.)
2. The interval between switch screens should be greater than 5 minutes.
3. After the computer enters the engineering control software, it can be powered on.
4. Avoid opening the screen in the full white screen state because the system has the largest inrush current.
5. Avoid opening the screen in the out of control state, because the system has the largest inrush current.
A computer does not enter the control software and other programs;
B computer is not powered;
The C control section power is not turned on.
6, when the ambient temperature is too high or the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the led display should be careful not to open the screen for a long time.
7. When a part of the electronic display body appears very bright, it should be noted that the screen should be turned off in time, and it is not suitable to open the screen for a long time in this state.
8. The power switch of the display often trips. Check the screen line or replace the power switch.
9. Regularly check the firmness of the hook. If there is looseness, pay attention to timely adjustment, re-reinforce or update the hanger.
10. According to the environment of the large screen display screen and control part, avoid insect bites, and place anti-rat medicine if necessary.
Second, the control part of the changes, changes notice
1. The power cord of the computer and control part is zero and the fire cannot be reversed. It should be inserted strictly according to the original position. If there are peripherals, after the connection is completed, the chassis should be tested for power.
2. When controlling the equipment such as mobile computer, first check the connection line and the control board for looseness before power-on.
3. The position and length of the communication line and flat connection line cannot be changed at will.
4. If abnormalities such as short circuit, tripping, burning line, and smoke are found after moving, the power should not be tested repeatedly. The problem should be found in time.
Third, the software operation and use precautions
1, software backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software installation procedures, databases, etc., it is recommended to use "one-click restore" software, easy to operate.
2, proficient in installation methods, raw data recovery, backup.
3. Master the setting of control parameters and the modification of basic data presets.
4, skilled use of LED display software program, operation and system editing.
5, regular inspection, delete the irrelevant LED display software system data.
6, non-LED display operation full-time staff, other personnel do not operate the software system.

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