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How is the development of the advertising machine industry?
Nov 17, 2018

At present, due to the advantages of the advertising machine, the development of the advertising machine is good, the advertising machine provides television programs and broadcasting for passengers; service information content; daily notices, notices, notifications under emergency conditions, etc., to facilitate travel and enrich passengers. Travel life. Moreover, Zhongyi believes that the advertising machine in the transportation field can realize the real-time and wide-ranging information information.


Therefore, the advertising machine commercial market is optimistic in the development of the past two years. On the one hand, it is the innovation of various technologies, and it has innovated many new functions. On the one hand, it has increased the demand of the commercial market, and held various large-scale conferences and events. A lot of advertising machines will also be used.


The airport advertising machine transmits information and entertainment interaction. As one of the components of modern transportation facilities, the airport is also widely used as an important part of airport digital construction. Compared with the traditional information dissemination tools, a prominent advantage of the advertising machine system is to make full use of the fragmentation time of the audience, and the airport as a centralized transit station for passengers is undoubtedly a fragmented time concentration camp. The advertising machine also has a different visual sensory experience for the audience due to its powerful display function, intuitive information and communication function, as well as realistic and exquisite advertising images and rich and colorful content. It also makes the audience more acceptable and makes information available. The communication is more effective, and the synergy between the “supply” and “seeking” levels has contributed to the popularity of airport advertising applications.


The demand for outdoor advertising machines is increasing. As the demand for outdoor advertising commercial market continues to increase, the outdoor applications of advertising machines are rapidly emerging, and more and more advertising machine manufacturers, especially the mature technology of interactive technology, have given advertisers enough The information and information, so that their investment in this field is constantly increasing.



The advertising machine commercial market has developed rapidly. The upstream and downstream advertising machine industry chain enterprises have begun to actively participate in the commercial market competition, and the whole industry has presented new characteristics. The upstream and downstream enterprises have collaborated and gradually penetrated vertically, which intensified competition in the commercial market. In addition to the traditional advertising machine manufacturers participating in the commercial market competition, upstream and downstream manufacturers such as chip and board manufacturers, IT vendors, TV manufacturers, large-screen manufacturers, etc. Involved in the commercial market, injecting more driving force into the advertising machine commercial market, and promoting the attention of the commercial market. Large traditional advertising machine manufacturers began to integrate software and content resources to improve their comprehensive competitiveness when the brand structure has not yet formed; display giants to accelerate the research and development and promotion of advertising machine products and overall solutions, in order to occupy the future explosive business market A strong place, and powerful software vendors and channel vendors began to engage in hardware products, build their own brands, and participate more deeply in the commercial market competition. These phenomena indicate that upstream and downstream enterprises are actively participating in making the competition in the commercial market more intense.


The concentration of the commercial market is low, and the brand structure has not yet been formed, which provides enterprises with greater commercial market opportunities. The commercial market potential of the advertising machine is huge, the number of participating enterprises is large, and the small and medium-sized enterprises are the mainstays, resulting in increasingly fierce competition and the concentration of the commercial market. Low, no leading enterprises, not yet formed a stable brand structure, the development of the advertising machine industry chain is incomplete, which also provides enterprises with greater commercial market opportunities. In the future, the advertising machine industry will face a new round of commercial market competition such as the integration of advertising machine industry chain, new capital intervention and industry mergers and acquisitions.

All kinds of technology grafting advertising machines, content will become the main competitiveness of enterprise service differentiation, the game's somatosensory technology, naked-eye 3D, data analysis technology, etc. began to penetrate into the advertising machine field, and promote the advertising machine system to move towards interactive and intelligent direction. Development; With the wide application of advertising machines in different industries, the lag of content services is becoming more and more obvious. Some brands have begun to make up for shortcomings through acquisitions or technology introductions, providing content templates that conform to industry characteristics, and improving brand products. The premium ability has promoted the advertising machine industry to move from the era of “product is king” to the era of “content is king”. The development prospects of advertising machines are so broad, and their development in the future has been optimistic. It has to be said how important it is to keep pace with the development of the times.
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