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Full color LED display program production process
Nov 18, 2018


With the increasing number of full-color LED displays, how to make a full-color LED display program becomes a must-have for us to learn and master. Let's talk about how to make a full-color LED display program.

A program (program file) consists of one or more program pages. There are two kinds of program pages: normal program page and global program page. The normal program page is the main component of the program. There can be multiple programs, and each program page is played in sequence. There is only one global program page, which is played all the time during the whole program. It is mainly used for the playback of fixed content such as clocks and company logos.
The program page consists of one or more program windows. The program window is used to display the text, pictures, animations, multimedia clips, etc. that the user wants to play. There are twelve kinds of program windows: file window, text window, single line text window, static text window, table window, timing window, database window, DVD/VCD window, external program window, date and time window, video input window, geometry window. .
Program production process
Step 1: Set the playback window size
The size of the playback window must be set correctly, otherwise the program may only show a part or not big enough when it is finished playing.
Setting method: Menu -> Settings -> Software Settings -> Playback window, you can start the software setting window, you can choose to lock to the LED large screen in the software setting window (it is best to select this option, the playback window and the display size are exactly the same) ), you can also choose multi-screen combination / sync, any position.
Step 2: New program page
The program page is the basic element of the program. Click the New Program Page button. The file can contain any multi-program page, delete program page can be deleted program button, mobile program page sequence can use mobile button, program page has two normal program pages and global program page, normal program page is played in order, global program page is There is no time limit to play all the time (such as time display).
Step 3: Set the program page options
When a new program page item or a program page item is selected, the program page option can be set. The program page option has a program page name, a program page play time, a background color, a background picture, a background picture drawing mode, and background music.
Step 4: New program window
The program page is just a frame, which can contain any number of program windows, and different texts, pictures, tables, animations, videos, etc. can be played simultaneously in each program window. There are twelve kinds of program windows to choose from, and the program selection menu pops up after clicking the new program button.
Text window, single-line text window, static text window: The three windows are not required, and the text can be broadcast in the graphic window. This window provides a quick input method for simple text such as company name, welcome subtitle, notification, etc.
Step 5: Set the program window options
All program windows have common options, window name, border line, border line color, position, width, lock, and timing.
Step 6: The show is finished
After the above five steps, a program page has been completed. If multiple program pages are required, please repeat steps 2 through 5. After you have finished the program page, please don't forget to save it. Click the Save button or select the menu file —> Save.
Step 7: Play the show
To play the current program file, click the play button to start playback, pause, stop or select from the control menu. To play different program files, click the Open button to open the program file and play it.

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