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Everywhere commercial property, sales center, and sales Center for how to better use of advertising media
Oct 12, 2018

 In recent years, with the rapid economic growth of our country, the real estate industry has also gained a great development in this sustained economic growth.Everywhere commercial property, sales center, and sales Center for how to better use of advertising media way to sell real estate is particularly important, at this time, a new type of advertising media tools transparent LED display stand out.So, what are the benefits of installing a transparent LED display in the sales center?

Enhance brand value
Transparent LED display cool color, transparent display effect, seamless huge picture, itself can be regarded as a fashion technology elements of architectural decoration, coupled with its "expensive" price, become the sales center to promote the "bigger" artifact.Located in the villa, upscale community sales offices pay particular attention to the publicity effect of the brand, transparent led glass screen just can meet this demand.
Promote the effect of advertising publicity
Transparent LED display can be combined with the sales office glass curtain wall to further show the latest developments in real estate information, such as price, regional positioning, contact information, and its effect is no less than the business proficiency of sales staff.Transparent LED display as the carrier of brand value promotion, the platform of information release, and the method of experiential marketing, are increasingly favored by users in real estate industry.
Improve sales performance
Transparent LED display as a new type of advertising media, its innovative advertising way to absorb the eye index bursting, greatly improving the sales center's attention rate and into the store rate, enhance the interest of customer consultation, thus promoting sales center marketing performance promotion.
Sales center installation of transparent LED display has become a new trend, with the Shanxi Taiyuan, Harbin Long Chong International, Zhengzhou Golden Jade, PIK2, Indonesia and other real estate companies, at home and abroad to establish a large number of well-received transparent LED display projects.In the future, the Division will continue to strengthen product innovation and improvement, intentions for customer service, in order to better products to repay the trust and support of our customers friends.
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