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Comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of LCD advertising machine and LED advertising machine
Nov 17, 2018

In recent years, the advertising machine market has seen explosive growth, according to statistical market sales, 2015 780,000 units, 2016 2.7 million units, 2017 nearly 4 million units, 2018 will exceed 6 million units, it is not difficult to find that this is a large market of nearly 100 billion.But the vast majority of such a huge advertising machine market behind the indoor LCD advertising machine products, outdoor products accounted for less than 0.5%.The fundamental reason restricting the development of outdoor advertising machine is that the brightness of LCD advertising machine can only do 2500CD, far from the outdoor brightness requirements of 4500CD, and the use of Fresnel lens led direct transmittance backlight, more directly lead to the overall heat dissipation of LCD advertising machine, product prices are geometric growth, This inhibits the development of outdoor advertising machine market, Tai Long intelligent led advertising machine because of the potential.
In reality, the traditional LCD advertising machine is mainly used indoors, the brightness requirements are not high, need to be viewed up close, placed more cramped occasions, its advantages are HD, low price, power consumption, small area, flexible use;But when it is used for outdoor or large space occasions when the shortcomings of the LCD advertising machine revealed no doubt, one is the brightness, forced to increase the brightness to 2000-2500CD, the need to modify into a straight through the backlight, so as to cause power consumption explosion, product thickness surge, beautiful appearance is difficult to reflect, heat dissipation has become the main contradiction, Most of the time also need to add air conditioning auxiliary heat dissipation, the total cost also exploded.In addition, more because of the heat caused by frequent crashes, life generally does not exceed 2-3 years, so many times just installed LCD advertising machine is very good, after 3 months to a year, it is completely out of shape.So LCD advertising machine for outdoor is very far-fetched practice.
and led advertising machine is just to make up for the lack of LCD, outdoor advertising machine generally requires long-distance viewing, the resolution requirements are not high, but the brightness requirements are very high, led advertising machine can do more than 7000CD, there is no heat dissipation problem, high waterproof performance, low average power consumption 300w/square, Area can be bigger according to the needs of use, the above advantages make LED advertising machine service life and stability far more than LCD advertising machine, such as too Long Zhixian led advertising machine design life is generally 8 years.2018 Too Long Zhixian led advertising machine has done p2.38,p2.94 large quantities of shipments, as an outdoor advertising function has such display accuracy, for outdoor advertising machine to the clarity has been far enough to meet the requirements of outdoor advertising.


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