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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between LCD advertising machine and LED advertising machine
Feb 01, 2019

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In recent years, there has been an explosive growth in the market for advertising machines. According to statistics, sales in the market, 780,000 units in 2015, 2.7 million units in 2016, nearly 4 million units in 2017, and more than 6 million units in 2018. Found that this is a big market of nearly 100 billion. However, most of the huge advertising machine market behind this is indoor LCD advertising products, and outdoor products account for less than 0.5%. The fundamental reason for restricting the development of outdoor advertising machines is that the brightness of LCD advertising machines can only be 2500CD, which is far from the 4500CD of outdoor brightness requirements, and the LED direct-transparent backlight with Fresnel lens directly leads to The overall heat dissipation problem of the LCD advertising machine, the product price has grown geometrically, thus inhibiting the market development of outdoor advertising machines, Tailong wisdom LED advertising machine came into being.
In reality, the traditional LCD advertising machine is mainly used indoors, the brightness is not high, it needs to be viewed at a close distance, and the placement is relatively cramped. The advantages are high definition, low price, low power consumption, small area, flexible use; The disadvantages of the LCD advertising machine are obvious when used outdoors or in large space. One is brightness, forcibly increasing the brightness to 2000-2500CD, which needs to be converted into a direct-transparent backlight, thus causing a surge in power consumption. The thickness is sharply increased, the appearance is difficult to reflect, and the heat dissipation has become a major contradiction. Most of the time, air conditioning is required to assist the heat dissipation, and the total cost is also increased. In addition, due to heat often caused by frequent crashes, the life expectancy is generally not more than 2-3 years, so many times just installed the LCD advertising machine is very good, after three months to a year, it is completely unsatisfactory. Therefore, LCD advertising machines are very far-fetched for outdoor use.
The LED advertising machine just makes up for the shortage of LCD. The outdoor advertising machine generally requires long-distance viewing. The resolution requirement is not high, but the brightness is very high. The LED advertising machine can achieve more than 7000CD, no heat dissipation problem, waterproof. High performance, low average power consumption of 300W / square, the area can be made according to the needs of use, the above various advantages make the life and stability of LED advertising machine far exceed LCD advertising machine, such as the design life of LED advertising machine of Tailong Zhixian Usually 8 years. In 2018, Tailong Zhixian's LED advertising machine has already been P2.38 and P2.94 is shipped in large quantities. As an outdoor advertising machine, it has such display precision. For outdoor advertising machines, the definition is far enough. Outdoor advertising requirements.


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