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Commercial complex transparent LED display solutions
Oct 12, 2018

Commercial complex transparent LED display solutions

Through the development of several years, transparent screen is increasingly stable, the application market is gradually formed.Among them, the commercial complex application occupies the majority.So how can a transparent LED display be better used in a commercial complex?
First, the emergence of transparent LED display background
At the end of the century led full-color display was born, but the traditional screen is more cumbersome, criticized.Subsequently, the major manufacturers of their product technology to improve, to promote the birth of the curtain, relying on 10%-50% permeability, lighter and thinner performance on the traditional screen has a certain impact.Ten years ago, the market segment also spawned the advent of the grid screen, although the permeability has not improved, but the price is good.The continuous development of technology to promote the emergence of transparent screen, transparent LED display is the latest in recent years, the company has been committed to transparent screen development and production since 2013, has been 4 years of history, and has accumulated rich experience in project implementation.
Second, transparent screen in the commercial complex of the application
1. Glass Curtain Wall Application
Glass curtain Wall application is one of the most common applications of transparent LED screen, and with the increasing popularity of glass curtain wall, the application growth is obvious.Glass curtain wall structure is more complex, generally divided into point-supported, component-type and all-glass structure, transparent screen intervention is the best time to complete the glass curtain wall design, through the pre-planning of the glass curtain wall structure, can make transparent screen and glass curtain wall better integration together.

Transparent LED display high permeability, green energy saving, can be used in conjunction with glass curtain wall, invisible installation, does not affect the indoor lighting and watch the line of sight

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