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Analysis of main features of LED transparent screen
Sep 26, 2018

Analysis of main features of LED transparent screen:

Led transparent screen is the use of conventional LED display display principle, combined with the shutter structure principle, through the light strip excursion and create a clear void.At present, mainly used in glass curtain wall, stage choreography, commercial display, municipal engineering and other fields.

1. Structural features

Transparent LED screen, simple structure, aluminum structure and transparent PC panel, the appearance of fashion beautiful.Because the province is light and transparent, no additional thermal equipment is required.And no cabinet accessories centralized layout.The same area size weighs more than 50% lighter than the traditional display.

2. Render Display Effect

Clear screen, transparent, bright, brilliant, ultra-high refresh rate display screen floating.The illusion of color, attracting people's attention.

3. Installation and after-sales maintenance

Transparent screen, because of the transparent, can be installed indoors.The skeleton is full of movable lock buckle, easy to install and operate easily.and the attachment module is not welded dead, plug-in module of the 1/4 modules, hand from the back of the module to push, no need to remove the module, only need to replace the problem unit parts, maintenance simple labor savings.

4. Product specificity

Traditional LED display, strong resistance, the highest level of protection can do IP67.Soft glue embedded layout, the minimum spacing can do P0. 8, the display effect can reach Ultra HD.

Transparent screen, because the light bead Light strip is bare, and the texture is light, protection class highest IP46.Due to the need for transparent specificity, the minimum spacing can only be P3, only to achieve a clear effect.

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