1 .Wide viewing angle: Viview led display show clear pictures or image without mosaics even when audiences see it from a small viewing angle;
2 .Rich colors: With three basic colors (red, green and blue), 256-level gradation of each color, and form 16777216 kinds of colors;
3 .Adjustable brightness: Viview LED screen brightness can be adjusted automatic and manual according to environment light;
4 .Good color blending: Display clear, exquisite, nature color video even at close distance;
5 . ide range of display content: Viview led wall can easily to display txt documents, doc documents, pictures and video

If you have interest or demands,please contact me for details).

Please do remember to leave your full company name/address/telepone/email...and show usyour request details,such as
1.where and how to install the display?
2.how high from ground?
3.your target viewing distance/pixel pitch/size(WxH)?
4.your target application?is it to be fixed or to be rental display?Do you need live video/show TV...?
5.do you need special certificate/power supply?
6.you prefer front maintenance or rear maintenance?



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