1.Fully waterproof (can be washed directly with water), strong shock resistance, good slip resistance (the actor can jump on it at will, will not slip), the bearing capacity is large (the car can be directly crushed, the load point is 2 tons), A single box can fine-tune the height difference between the cabinets, the mask is PC+ composite material, has anti-UV function, can be exposed to the sun (the screen surface will not yellow), the appearance is beautiful, the definition is high, the brightness is high, the heat dissipation is good, Easy to install, soft and clear color.

2.One-screen multi-purpose: It can be used as color brick when tiling; it can be used as stage main screen or color screen when stacking or lifting.

3.This product can be upgraded to a sensor screen through sensor or infrared technology to interact with the audience.



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