1. Solidness and safety is the first thing we think about

Every structure is approved by professional structural engineers

The global environment and climate always change.When you choose outdoor billboards,

the first consideration is safety. Qualified billboards should fully consider the following factors:

Strong winds, rain and snow, earthquake, thunderstorms, dry and wet environment and climate.

All those factors will have very big effect on materials' physical and chemical properties .

BBD have considered everything for you and please rest assured.

2. Our products have advantages over other similar product

Safety: We stricly abide by design specifications and regulations by local government,making sure the safety of outdoor billboard.

Practical: The billboard structure is designed according to the human body engineering,making the worker's operation more safe,efficient and comfortable.Service doors of the billboard are equipped with dedicated anti-theft screw by independent research and development of BBD.

Beautiful: Various speficiations and types for you to choose,we also provide sample making service.

Numerical controlled machines make production more accurate and perfect.

Affordable: Digital design and management make full use of materials,reducing the cost.Precise calculation maximize the space value.Easy installation,less labor coat.

Eco-friendly and energy saving: Our products are hot dip galvanized and can be equipped with LED solar system to save resource.Besides all products can be disassembled and reused, which will reduce resource waste.


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