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ADD: 708 Lianfu Building, No.1-10, Qifu Road, Baiyun New City, distrito de Baiyun, Guangzhou, China

TEL: + 86-20-36700051

MOBILE: +8613728032248

E-MAIL: sales@miiled.com

About Us

Our company established 2007, it is the one of the earliest Fully equipped company which engaged in outdoor full color led advertising video, indoor full color led advertising screen, outdoor and indoor rental full color led display board , transparent full color led display panel and advertising billboard.

Our factory with an annual production capacity of 78000 square and annnual sales of 180million yuan.It with advanced facilities, automatic production lines, high-speed auto insertion machines, high speed SMT machines, wave-soldering machines, reflux soldering machines. LED automatic gluing machines and many other modern facilities. It possessed a team who are specialized in core technology development new product innovation with international vision of research management. Meanwhile, it frequently cooperates communicates with the well-known optical Academy in terms of production research ,Which benefits the company’s long-term development.



Our led products has got CCC, CE, RoHS, UL FCC certifications.Our main led products are outdoor and indoor full color advertising display, outdoor and indoor full color led rental screen, Stage Background full color led displays, highway full color led displays board, soccer stadium full color led display and outdoor, indoor full color led transparent screen wall and full color led billboard lighting boxes.

Our products spreads all over the country ten provinces, establish a long-term, stable cooperation relationship with customers; In the international market, the company strongly into southeast Asia, South America, Europe other international markets, to achieve the product export growth.

Our products widely used in airport, station,seaport, Gym, bank, stock exchange, school, factory, shopping malls, hospital, customs, Intelligent Transportation, Expressway,subway, Exhibition Center, stage ,Trading Market, entertainment and so on.


With the development of science and technology, led large-screen display with its unique advantages, widely used in entertainment sports, financial securities, transportation stations, institutions and other places, to become information dissemination, press releases, advertising the most common display media.

LED large-screen display system is the basic carrier of all kinds of information transmission, carrying the news, news, culture and commercial real-time information release task.With a striking display effect in the first time to the public pass.LED display at this time to give full play to its superior video functions and color performance, while playing a beautification of the environment, improve the role of environmental facilities.

LED display can not only set information dissemination, entertainment, publicity functions in one, and as a new high-tech products, with its rich scientific and technological content, majestic appearance momentum, smooth display, delicate color performance, can add a new life for the environment, set up a scenic line of activities.Overall, the role of LED display can be summarized as three categories:

1. Video and text information release

The system can use video, pictures, text and other ways to publish news, information, policies and regulations, weather forecasts, convenience notices, public information, emergency announcements, etc., on the above content can be grouped according to the needs of classification, sub-part of the play, at the same time can be achieved at any time the function of the instant transmission of information to provide protection. ...

2. TV and live broadcast

As the city image project construction, as the government work the window unit, may provide the general public the government work and the social news movement, uses the live broadcast module, the system may at any time in the designated or all Terminal broadcast television news, the scene video and so on.

3. Advertising release.

The use of LED display system, image, video, text and other advertising patterns to broadcast advertising;Can play public service advertising, social media advertising, through the broadcast of social media advertising, investors can network investment, line costs to provide economic assurance and revenue.In the advertising process, according to specific circumstances and needs, the different layout, the system built up a variety of layout modules, can support up to eight screen segmentation layout, in different areas can display different content.With the development of economy, social progress, we have entered the information age.Fast, accurate and swift information transmission has become a necessary and sufficient condition for efficient work.Choose to reduce input costs, improve work efficiency, LED display has the characteristics to achieve the above requirements.The display is placed in the place of personnel concentration, with the advantages of wide contact surface and direct information transmission.At the same time, it has the advantages of control technology that other public media cannot match.

Our Service

High brightness full color 3g taxi top led display

We have an excellent customer service system with a well-trained, strong and skilled service team to provide customers with a comprehensive pre-sales service, product services and after-sales service.

Our customer service department has more than a dozen highly skilled and experienced technical support engineers, who are all in charge of the technical support of all LED display products we provide all over the world.

We are continuously improving upon our level of service and quality to quickly and effectively meet customer needs and guarantee their benefits and interests.

Service Concept

We believe in taking the initiative, maintaining honesty and trustworthiness, which means we will respond quickly to customer questions and do everything possible to meet customer demands.

Service Content

1. 24-hour hotline service, including counseling and technical guidance.

2. On-line service.

3. Failure maintenance of LED panels.

4. Free professional technical training

5. Paid software upgrade.

6. Warranty service.

7. Engineering technical service.

High brightness full color 3g taxi top led display

Warranty Period

Each of our LED display products comes with at least two years warranty and a lifetime maintanance

We will offer the customer the best and economic design project as the information of the customer project.

We will offer the training for install and debugging after the customer products finished produced.

In order to keep our products continue working . we will offer remote guidance as soon as the products have problem. 


Our products the warranty period is two years.